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South America adsl Splitter with three 6P2C RJ11 Jack for line phone modem

South America   adsl Splitter with three 6P2C RJ11 Jack for line phone modem
Product Detailed

it has been designed to implement the tunctionality of low pass filter in an ADSL over POTS application
ADSL Splitter Jack

Adsl splitter/filter can eliminate the interference between data signal and voice signal transmitted in the same telephone line and make the internet and telephone go both at the same time(Data signal for internet  voice signal for telephone)

The structure of Adsl splitter/filter: One RJ11 at one end for line.

Two RJ11 at the other end for phone and modem.


Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADLS) is a techmology used to transmit briadband imformation

over existing copper wires that connect home and businexxes to the public Switched Telephone Netwrok
(PSTN).ADSL is very viable technology to support high-speed access,enabling a theoretical maxmum 
downstream rate of 9Mbps and a maximum upstream rate of 640kbps.POTS service can 
coexist with ADSL without interruption or degradation of service due to the filtering actiom if the ADSL/
POTS splitter.      
 Overvoltage protection-circuitry is embedded im the splitter desigm due to tha presence on the line of 
both digital telephone services (POTS) and ADSL services An additional ADSL high pass filter is usually
imtegrated at the imput of the ADSL modem.    
 The PCE280P-20 is a low pass filter which separates the transmissiom of POTS signals.A second 
purpose is to isolate poorly balanced POTS equipment from the line at ADSL band frequencies in order 
tp prevent unnecessary egress(and ingress) from ADSLsignals.As thw POTS splitter connects directly to
the Subscriber Line media,it must alsoprovide som protection for extemally imduced line hits or faults  
which could damage any attached equipment or endanger.  

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