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Wireless Ethernet Router

Wireless Ethernet Router
Product Detailed

The 4-Port Wireless Ethernet Router features 4 LAN ports and
wireless ability.

  The 4-Port Wireless Ethernet Router one of each of the following items


4-Port wireless Ethernet router

15 VAC AC power adapters

RJ-11 telephone cable

RJ-45 Ethernet cable


User Manual / Quick Guide



Place your router on a flat surface close to the cables in a

location with sufficient ventilation.



To prevent overheating, do not obstruct the ventilation openings of this equipment.


Plug this equipment into a surge protector to reduce the risk

of damage from power surges and lightning strikes.



Operate this equipment only from an electrical outlet with the correct power source as indicated on the adapter.



Do not open the cover of this equipment.  Opening the cover will void any warranties on the equipment.


Unplug equipment first before cleaning.  A damp cloth can

be used to clean the equipment.  Do not use liquid / aerosol cleaners or magnetic / static cleaning devices.

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